DIY bridal couple pegdolls

Are you having a weddding soon? Then this will be a nice gift together with a giftcard. 
Or use these dolls (also called peddolls) on top of a wedding cake 

03-04-2020, 12:00

For this project we used primary paint colors.
According this palette the colors are mixed into different shades. 
Off course you can also use ready to use secondary colors. 

How to

Before you start painting, lightly draw with a pencil on the wood. 
Start coloring the large areas. 
Use two thin layers of acrylic paint for a covering effect.
For this design we find it nice to keep the wedding dress a bit transparent, so 1 layer of paint. 
We also made the dress a touch darker, so that the white lace that you will paint shows better/nicer.
When the large areas are dry use a fine brush to paint the lace, flower bouuet and the faces. 
For the final touch use a skewer to dot the jewelry. 

To complete the scene glue some moss on a wooden disc with a glue gun and add the bridal couple on top. 

No wedding planned anytime soon? 
The pegdolls can be painted for all sorts of occasions: like family, pets or a superhero.

Have fun!

What do you need?

View our entire collection of acrylic paint here.


Discs, panels


392434 - Wooden disk




8661641 - Wooden Figures




8661651 - Wooden Figures
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